Friday, August 18, 2006

Evening Jon Benet; or, A Big Friday Night

7:06: John Mark Karr's ex-wife has said that he was always at home over Christmas. On Chip Scarborough now her lawyer seems to be hedging with phrases like "off the top of her head," and "she's going through records." He also said that her life with Karr was extremely awful.

Scarby also has Mark Klaas, Polly Klaas's father, and Jeralyn Merritt. He talked to Klaas about the "correspondence" between his child's murderer and Karr, apparently for Karr's supposed "book." When he found out about it, Klaas said, he told (somebody--sorry I didn't hear who) we don't want this guy (Karr) anywhere near us.

Lawyer or something Wendy Murphy: The "never-released information" Karr supposedly knew could easily have been leaked, perhaps by Lou Smit. (There's the first I've heard of him since the story broke.)

Patsy's sister: There might be similarities between some of his writing in the e-mails--very prolific, very effusive--and the ransom note. I'm not saying anything for sure. . . . I have faith in Mary Lacy. She would not have done this if she didn't have some key pieces . . . .

Scarborough: If they're wrong that would make them the Keystone Kops of the 21st Century. (Joe's so smart.)

Klaas: The first investigation sucked . . . Why didn't this investigation call his ex-wife beforehand?

Wendy: And no one made a single phone call to check if he was in the damn state of Colorado?

How does she know that?

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