Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I'm sick of sickos. Let's have a song!

United forever in friendship and labor,
Our mighty republics will ever endure!

The great Soviet Union will
live through the ages,
The dream of the people, their
fortress secure!

Long live our Soviet
Built by the people's
mighty hand.
Long live her people united and free!

Strong in our friendship tried by fire,
Long may our crimson
flag inspire,
Shining in glory for all men to see!


Through days
dark and stormy while great Lenin led us
Our eyes saw the
bright sun of freedom above!

Stalin our leader, with faith in the people,
inspired us to
build on the land that we love!


We fought for
the future, destroyed the invader,
And brought to our homeland the
laurels of fame!

Our glory will live in the
memory of nations,
all generations will honor their names!

[repeat until told to stop]

Update: BIFF?

Update II: Yes, I just recently posted the Soviet National Anthem, but it's worth regular rehearing, don't you think? Don't you?

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