Thursday, August 24, 2006

Do YOU have a personal copyeditor?

Everybody needs one!

(Spotted on the bike path at Sloan Lake.)

Update: A "renowned" handwriting analyst has claimed the "C" inserted in the words "FUK YOU" was added by the same person who wrote the original message. Forensic document expert Curtis Baggett said, "Ah reckon they's a hunnert percent chance it was wrote bah the same gah." Other handwriting experts disagreed and made fun of Baggett's cornpone accent.

"Did you hear that?" asked "immortally handome" document expert Smedley Bryce, "He said 'hunnert.' Where's this pinhead from, Mayberry? Hey, lemme analyze your handwriting. Twenty bucks, just for you. Ten? Want your palm read?"

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