Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Academics: Manning the front lines of freedom!

Not really, of course, but Pirate Ballerina, in his brave (i.e., hopeless) effort to counter Teachers for a Democratic Society's (blech) petition to "Unfire Ward Churchill," has been gathering signatures on his own petition to (natch) "Fire Ward Churchill" at an amazing rate. It's taken weeks for TDS to gather its paltry 464 signatures, but in less than one week, PB has gathered two (count 'em!), two (2) signatures.

As Herman Wouk noted in a different context, the old sagas would halt to list the names of men so brave. This blog will follow that tradition. The academics are:

  • Professor Thomas D. Russell (Sturm College of Law, University of Denver)

  • Francis Rexford Cooley, Lecturer-in-General Studies (History), Paier College of Art.

    Gentlemen! You are, uh, gentlemen, and scholars.
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