Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Cleaning out my drawers

Now that I see it up, that title sounds kinda gross, doesn't it? Oh well. Here's a bunch of crap garnered from local news, some of it several weeks old. Enjoy!

  • Who'd a thought shooting off a hail cannon could cause such controversy?

  • There's a chapter of the Ku Klux Klan in little Olathe, Colorado. Is this the first attempt by the Klan to go international?

  • At last the constabulary are doing something about the filthy beggars who've been cluttering up the sidewalks and intersections of Denver for so many years.

  • Kidding! About the filthy beggars! Actually I've made scores of contributions to the Signholder Tribe, and when I see the gratitude in their bloody eyes, feel the tremor of thanks in their shaking hands, and smell the Mad Dog of appreciation on their infected breaths, I go away with the glow of a Good Deed, Well Done.

  • Cowtown no mo': The Colorado Convention Center recently played host to the Christian Retailers Convention, which is really neither here nor there but gives me an excuse (finally) to run this:

    A Discount Bible franchise in Fort Benton, Ark. For a mere $20,000 up front the Drunkablog has just been named franchisee for Discount Bible in New York City, New York.

  • "They" are shutting down Cheyenne Mountain, famed in (sci-fi) story and song as the home of NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command. I was under the impression that the D-a-W's dad had worked in Cheyenne Mountain during his air force career, but she says it was a different mountain, in Maryland, which made me hope maybe he worked in the nuclear-armed mountain taken over by revanchist Russkis in Stephen Hunter's The Day Before Midnight, the best nuclear thriller ever. I can't believe it was never made into a movie.

  • What was I talking about?

  • Last Friday the Post ran a nasty little piece by Salam Al-Marayati, executive director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council. Representative sentence:
    If we "stay the course" with belligerence to the Arab and Muslim world now, then we should not be surprised when they respond with belligerence to their continued humiliation and not-quite-human treatment by the international community.
    Unsurprisingly, LGF has a lot on Al-Marayati.

  • Finally, the News had a story on Neil Beidleman, the Aspen-based mountaineer who was on the Mount Everest climb recounted in Into Thin Air (no link because everyone's already read it): Tragic mountain, one decade later. He won't point fingers so it's not very interesting.

  • Update: I have no idea if Discount Bible is really a franchise operation, but I doubt it. No inquiries, please!

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