Monday, August 21, 2006

Monday JonBenet

The nerve of MSNBC, dumping JonBenet coverage for the prez's press conference.

Oh well. AP reports Karr is safely lodged in the Los Angeles County Jail. Tough guy quote from sheriff's spokesman somebody or other:
"He is going to be housed here in the men's jail, kept in isolation in a 6-by-9 room with a bed, a toilet no windows and no phones," Whitmore said. "He'll get regular food. He'll get jail chow, he won't get king crab, I'll tell you that."
It was king prawn, Mr. Whitmore.

More info trickling out about Karr allegedly seeking a sex change operation in Bangkok. Now it appears he wasn't taking hormones, but merely had hair removal treatments. Whatever. The doctor who was originally reported by MSNBC to be treating Karr with hormones denied it, sort of, the Denver Post said:

Dr. Thep Vechavisit, who performs sex-change surgery for $1,625, told The Post he doesn't remember Karr and wouldn't say whether he was a patient.

Vechavisit, whose storefront Pratunam Polyclinic sits in the middle of the Thai capital's garment district, said he had read the news reports that Karr was one of his patients and was seeking a sex change, but Vechavisit denied he told reporters that. . . .

"Even if I found his record, I cannot tell you," Vechavisit said of Karr, citing doctor-patient confidentiality. "You will have to ask Mr. Karr." . . .

Vechavisit showed a newspaper advertisement that ran in an English-language paper that listed prices in U.S. dollars for his services. Breast-enlargement surgery was $1,125; liposuction was $625; a tummy tuck, $1,250; and the removal of testicles, $125.

Only $125 for removal of my, I mean, one's, testicles? How does he do it? Volume!

Big gun

MSNBC has Rita Cosby in Boulder now. She says Karr claimed in an e-mail that his brother worked for the Ramseys, and that he, Karr, attended a Christmas Day party at the Ramseys' house. Unfortunately, the Christmas party happened several days before Christmas.

Rita also says Karr's ex-wife is still going through records, looking for proof that Karr was home in Alabama over Christmas 1996. Like I say, slow reader.

Update: The two true-crime authors at conduct a (surprisingly poorly written--hey guys, you're professional writers) back-and forth on JMK. Worth reading for M. William Phelps' utterly plausible alternative for the meaning of "S.B.T.C."
I found out something else last night. I did some searching for that acronym S.B.T.C. – seems that the most popular phrasing of it is not the end of that ransom note (not even close), like everyone has been insisting, but it more likely means: Saved By The Cross.

Of course, this has no bearing on whether Karr wrote both "S.B.T.C"'s. Was he religious in high school? After? I haven't seen anything about that, but being raised by his grandparents makes it at least plausible.

Update II: Here's Wikipedia's entry on Karr. The internets are truly amazing.

Update III: Jeralyn Merritt--who says Karr's extradition hearing will take place tomorrow, with Karr flying to Boulder that evening-- is saying the same ol' same ol' to Tucker "Dimbulb" Carlson. She's worried that the DA doesn't have a case. Who isn't?

She just said very confidently that investigators long ago dismissed the significance of S.B.T.C.--but she doesn't know why. She's extremely pissed at the media (always easy), which has been "very inaccurate." She lists all the crap speculation--most of it against the Ramseys. Merritt is clearly in the "intruder" camp--she just doesn't seem to think it was John Mark Karr.

Update IV: Freelance journalist Michael Sandrock once again tells the story of how Karr seemed to know Boulder when he talked to him in Paris. Still, he's beginning to doubt that Karr did it. Everybody's hedging.

Update V: Tucker just said that for all the media know, "S.B.T.C" could stand for "Stop beating the clowns," and that they should just shut up about it.

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