Friday, August 18, 2006

Churchill's children

Pirate Ballerina, besides taking a small shot at the D-blog for his sudden JonBenet mania (and I'm still on my medication(s)!), introduces us to a "congregation of little churchills"--the graduate students of the Department of Ethnic Studies of the University of California at Berkeley. Gerardo Arrellano, for example, wants to investigate the "Criminalization of immigrant bodies," while Karina Cespedes is pursuing "Tourism and Sex-work Studies with a focus on Cuba/the Caribbean." Steven Lee is interested in Asian Studies, but also "(Race &) Masculinity Studies" and "(Race &) Feminist Theory."

Marci A. Chin will pursue "Women of color in U.S. prisons" (now that sounds okay, if you leave out all Marci's boring qualifications); Victor Rios wants to define "the field of Youth Culture Studies as a space where theory, method, and political praxis are generated to understand social constructions of poor, racialized, gendered urban Youth"; and Robert Soza wants to do "'Holocaust' Studies in the Americas" (yes, his quotes).

But don't forget: Ward Churchill is utterly unrepresentative of ethnic studies folks in general.

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