Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Curtis Baggett

is on Caplis and Silverman. He's the "disqualified" handwriting expert.

Baggs: More than a dozen similarities, but you're right, I'm staking my reputation on this. I've done over 2,600 cases and they always try to disqualify you.

Silverman calls him the "renowned document examiner." . . .

Baggs: "Handwriting is brain writing." Oh, he's pourin' on the southern syrup. In his application Karr's writing slants two ways. Uh-oh: "Which by the way means he's got two personalities or more . . ." Charlatan-o-meter pegging.

Baggs: Handwriting analysis began in the sixteenth century, so it's older than psychology or [some other field] we probably agree on . . . (Well, if it's old . . .)

Caplis is tearing him up, making his claims sound like complete bull.

Update: Post: Family: Karr not "creature of the dark."

Back to C & S. Baggs is a'chucklin' 'n' a'joshin' now. Why fellers, even ma good 'ol han-wratten has deteriorated! Laws!

S: Aren't you in it for the glory?

Baggs: I shore am. I wanna hep people [sic]--I once got a girl off death row . . .

Now they're arguing about specific alleged handwriting similarities . . . Snore.

S: Have you been looking at the internet? Have you seen that some examiners have excluded Karr?

Baggs: Well, I'm takin' a chancet, boys, I won't deenah that.

Dan: Analyze our handwriting.

Baggs: Well, you, Dan--sickening vague drivel, including praise for Dan's "telephone po' taw" IQ. Barf. Dan laps it up, still doesn't believe him.

Drunkablog verdict: Baggs may be right, but only by sheer luck.

Oh please, Craigie is praising Baggs's analysis of Dan's handwriting.

Dan: He's like a circus barker or something . . . Any pop psych after 20 minutes on the air could do that . . . Duh. Double-duh even.

Craigie: I thought he nailed you on point after point . . .

Oh yeah, Baggs said Caplis has "a li'l psawchic abillty" too.

(Credit: picture is of course an example of spirit photography, from The Skeptic's Dictionary (first word: "abracadabra"). It's faker looking than anything Reuters has put out, isn't it? And that's really fake.)

Update: "Curtis Baggett" is not even in the running for best name to turn up in the JonBenet case. That honor has to belong to Bryce Smedley.

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