Thursday, August 31, 2006

Un-PC verbiage deplored

The Drunkablog has been "officially" informed by the Denver Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau (and souvenir stand) that the approved phrase to describe Denver is not smelly little cowtown, but dusty old cowtown. Per city ordinance 12-77 (1877), the Drunkablog hereby withdraws the false and libelous phrase.

The DMCVB further directs the Drunkablog to note that now through October 18 you and the kids can see a cow parade right here in this dusty old cowtown! Now, let's meet the cows!

Update: I forgot, I already met some of the cows:

When I "covered" (as journalists say) the pro-Hezbollah march down the 16th Street Mall earlier this month. This cow is called "Breaking Moos." It's sponsored by the Rocky.

Update II: Okay, just for balance (and because it's cute), here's the Post's cow. It's called "Front Range":

See? Cute.

Update III: "How will Denver awaken you?" has got to be the lamest motto in the history of mottoes. And last I heard, the DMCVB awakens visitors by piping methane gas (i.e., cow farts)through the ventilation systems of all the downtown hotels. They probably don't want too many questions about that, so why even mention it?

Update IV: Foreign readers should know that the eastern slope of the Rockies running through Colorado is called the Front Range. The western slope is called, bizarrely, "the Western Slope."

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