Saturday, August 19, 2006

Saturday JonBent, er, JonBenet

Hey, MSNBC finally gave Jeralyn Merritt a downtown Denver backdrop for her talking head spots. She says she still doesn't know if Karr is legit, so she's said essentially the same thing for three days now. Take back the backdrop!

M. William Phelps, a true-crime writer I'd never heard of before (sorry) who runs a site called, left this comment in the previous JonBenet post:

The news coming out of Thailand today is mind-blowing. Karr has not backed down from his original statement and now says he got the $118,000 figure from John Ramsey’s checkbook while rummaging through the house that night. Those handwriting samples are strikingly similar–at least to me. The language seems to match up somewhat. Karr will be back tomorrow night in LA. When they formally charge him upon entering the US, there’s a good possibility they’ll release the affidavit accompanying the warrant. As a true crime author, those affidavits are terrifically detailed documents I study with wide eyes. Can’t wait for that thing to fly around the Internet like a virus. It’ll certainly answer a lot of questions. I don’t know … I’m leaning the other way now. Things might be adding up.Then again, maybe not. We’re working on a post now that offers some VERY interesting theories re: Patsy and Karr having known each other.
I have no idea where Phelps gets his info or his theories, but--there you go.

JonBenet quote of the day: "The idea that John and Patsy Ramsey were involved in their 6-year-old daughter's death brought a 'little smile' from Karr [Boulder freelance journalist Michael] Sandrock said"--Rocky Mountain News.

Update: Return of the teddy bear.

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