Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Boulder DA: I officiated at wedding of John Mark Karr and Rita Cosby

See, if you watched MSNBC (which nobody does) you'd get the "joke." Rita and John Mark exchanged a long, smoldering look while Karr was being moved somewhere today, and MSNBC keeps showing a still of the alleged staredown, which Rita claims lasted 30 to 45 seconds.

Everybody's probably seen all the rest of the recentest Karr-mongering, but I'll link to it anyway:

A story on Mary Lacy's news conference.

The e-mails between Karr and CU Professor Michael Tracey (pdf); and Karr's Boulder County arrest warrant (also pdf). Both are apparently quite graphic.

The phone calls that "led to Karr's arrest" (audio).

The "so long, fellas" story: "Karr briefly faced no charges."

And finally, columnist Mike Littwin's postmortem, which contributes nothing except the most horrible headline in the history of humanity: "Littwin: Send in the frowns in Boulder's blunder."

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