Friday, August 25, 2006


The News this morning has a new and convenient "developments" page for the JonBenent case.

The Post, meanwhile, has "Brother: Karr didn't kill JonBenet" (check out how it looks like they made Karr hold a flashlight under his chin for his mugshot); and "Boulder judge handling Karr familiar with Ramsey case."

Update: Jim Paine of Pirate Ballerina cruelly sent along this link to a bunch of parody songs about the original JonBenet case by amateur (repeat: amateur) singer/songwriter/musician Don Wrege. Don't listen, I beg you.

Update II: Don't do it!

Update III: Paine also notes that Wrege is apparently looking for suggestions for new songs about John Mark Karr. Don't encourage him!

Update IV: The Boulder Daily Camera:

The Boulder County Public Defender’s Office and a private attorney, who is an expert on DNA and has roots in the public defender’s office, will represent JonBenet Ramsey murder suspect John Mark Karr, the Daily Camera has learned.

Seth Temin, who is now head of Boulder’s Public Defenders Office, along with Steve Jacobson will defend the 41-year-old school teacher implicated in Boulder’s most notorious unsolved murder, according to a source at the Boulder County Justice Center.

Temin entered an appearance on behalf of Karr with the court this morning. "Mr. Karr is indigent and qualifies under Supreme Court guidelines," Temin wrote in the filing.

That filing casts into doubt whether California lawyers Patience Van Zandt and Jamie Harmon had been retained by Karr as the pair claimed during a press conference Wednesday. Van Zandt had represented Karr in a prior child pornography case.

"What happened to the Granola sisters?"--Dan Caplis

Update V: Also from the Camera: "Defense attorney seeks to protect Karr handwriting." That might just call for another hmmmmm.

Update VI: The News' Penny Parker: "Handwriting expert right on the money with talk-show hosts." Can she possibly be referring to . . .

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