Saturday, August 26, 2006

Not much happening

MSNBC has on yet another goofy handwriting expert, Ruth Brayer, to comment about the JonBenet ransom note. She sounds like a cross between Doctor Ruth and Barbara Walters. They're showing the ransom note and yearbook message side by side. Brayer says nothing specific. Drunkablog expert analysis: John Mark Karr has some psawchic ability.

Of course, Brayer's website is focused far more on selling her services than on the "science" of handwriting analysis. The little Sherlock Holmes's wandering around with the pipes and the deerstalkers and the magnifying glasses--nice lady!--are a good touch, though.

Update: Great tips to catch a forger!

Update II: The Rocky and MSNBC: Man says he may have seen Karr in Boulder on X-mas Day, '96. Tenuous in the extreme.

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