Thursday, August 17, 2006

Whew: More JonBenet!

Craig Silverman, Dan Caplis' radio partner on Denver's KHOW, whom Drunkablog readers will know from the Ward Churchill fracas, is on MSNBC. He doesn't have confidence in Boulder DA Lacy either, but he thinks Lacy must have unrevealed evidence or she's "putting her job in jeopardy." MSNBC anchor-skank: Is John Ramsey vindicated? Silverman: Noe-ba way-ba.

"Famed defense attorney" Mickey Sherman on MS, asked how he would defend Karr: First thing I'd do is make them sign over everything they owned for the rest of their lives . . . .

Anchor-skank: All two cents? (Sorry, I'll figure out her name. "Anchor-skank" is undignified.) John Ramsey and Ramsey attorney Lin Wood are taking the high road. What's her name holds up the Daily News, with a picture of JB and the 8000-point headline: "Solved!" Sherman (a New Yorker): New Yorkers are dumb (now that's a paraphrase).

Jeralyn Merritt back on from Denver: Case seems in such disarray that Lacy may be up against speedy trial limits . . . . Again, no drugs found in JonBenet. Merritt even sees problems with Karr's extradition. Thailand is deporting him; there may not be a formal custody hearing . . . . Anchorperson: Do you think they got the right guy? Merritt: I have no idea . . . .

Has Merritt taken back her assertion last night that DNA tied Karr to JonBenet? Has 9News? Me go look. Not Jeralyn. She's got maybe three later posts on the case, and then an open thread because she's too busy:
My schedule (all subject to change without notice, that's how it works and studio space is double-booked all over town today) : Tucker Carlson 4:30 ET, Catherine Crier (court tv) 5:30 pm, Paula Zahn, 8:00 ET, Hannity and Colmes, between 9 and 10 pm, MSNBC special with Dan Abrams, 10 to 11 pm.

Odd, that's the D-blog's schedule too, except in reverse!

Oh God. Time for Caplis and Silverman.

Silverman: Karr looked like he belonged in a mental institution. If there were ever a false confesser . . . But if the DNA matches . . . .

More dissing of Michael Tracey, the CU professor who exchanged hundreds of e-mails with Karr . . . .

Caplis: You have to be suspicious of these communications . . . . Did Tracey provide him with inside information? Is that anything bad like obstruction of justice . . . . I'm not accusing him of anything . . . .

Caplis: Karr looked like a drugged Lee Harvey Oswald . . . . Could he be saying what he is just to get out of Thailand? [Caplis is an idiot.]

Bumper music: One Night in Bangkok. Tasteful. Caplis also has his belittling name for DA Lacy's press conference: The Awards Show. "I thought you waited till the end of the movie before you had the awards show."

9News "legal analyst" Scott Robinson ain't convinced either.

Chris Matthews just now on Hardball: "There's something about this guy [Karr] that reminds me of Tony Perkins in Psycho."

Craigie had to leave to "do O'Reilly." Yurk.

Rocky: Wack-job or murderer?

Caplis again: Mary Lacy is politically motivated . . . We've seen that from the CU football case [I still don't how she aroused Caplis' ire in that case].

Wack-jobs galore on the RMN JonBenet thread.

It do seem like the Post is lagging behind the Rocky on the story. And everybody's lagging behind MSNBC, which is not a compliment to MSNBC.

Has Henry "Something wrong" Lee ever just walked by a microphone? Caplis and Silverman are going to interview him. I think there's an old Mr. Microphone around here somewhere. I'll see if I can't get a few words with the renowned doctor.

Now C & S are arguing over which of them came up with the "drugged Lee Harvey Oswald" line. What a couple of freaks.

Why Caplis hates Lacy: He says she called CU football players guilty of rape while declining to charge them. Still can't find anything about it, but maybe she's in Channel 9's archive somewhere.

The Post has a piece on the skeptics now.

Greta Van Susteren on C & S: I don't think they've got the right guy. The press conference was an embarrassment. Boulder has a police department that doesn't know what it's doing. . . .

I'd forgotten C & S's nearly infinite ability to say the same thing over and over.

Caplis: Why didn't Lacy have Sonoma County, California, where Karr was already wanted on kiddie-porn charges, extradite him? Silverman: Instead she put herself out on a limb. Why unless they had solid evidence? Caplis: Maybe she holds the ace. I hope she does [yeah, suuurrre you do, Dan].

Peter Boyles on C & S now. Three li'l skeptics, all in a row.

Hey, where's Lou Smit, the cop who resigned? Haven't seen hide nor hair of him.

Here's something nobody else has mentioned: In her press conference Mary Lacy used the word "poignant" and pronounced it with a hard "g."

Caplis reads an e-mail: What's with all the anti-Lacy verbiage? You sound like Lacy dumped you back in college. Caplis goes through the football rape case. Silverman: Did you ever ask her for a date? Hold hands with her in court? Caplis: No (paraphrase).

Caplis calls a news conference a "presser."

At least the Drunkablog's JonBenet posts are better than Wretchard's pathetic silence over at the Belmont Club. He doesn't have a thing! He's still maundering on about Solzehnitsyn! Solzhenitsyn! I spell his name two different ways to demonstrate my contempt!

MSNBC's Chuck or Joe or Bob Scarborough has a body language expert talking about Karr--

He's shifty. He's nervous. He's remembering something terrible. Shoulders hunched. No confidence.

Jeez, penetrating.

Chuck or Bob or Joe segment title: "Did Boulder blow it again?"

Whoa, a psychic's drawing of a JonBenet suspect from back in '98 is not horribly far off. She even got Karr's eyes with their staring look like those creepy paintings of big-eyed children.

I do not believe in psychics.

O/T: For pity's sake.

Henry Lee (sic) and Denver criminal attorney Larry Posner with Dan Abrams on MSNBC. Nobody believes Karr anymore, but I still have trouble believing that the Boulder DA's office could be that inept (again). Guess we'll see.

Time for a new post.

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