Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunday JonBenet

Yes, Karr is on his way home. Champagne for everybody!

I was going to suggest a makeover for the "man," but this wouldn't be it.

Speaking of which, MSNBC is saying that Karr had been undergoing hormone treatments in preparation for a sex-change operation. Reminds me of "Buffalo Bill," the serial killer in Silence of the Lambs, who also thought he just wanted to be a girl.

Rocky editor John Temple notes how the frenzy over the case has increased, to say the least, the RMN's website traffic:

The main JonBenet story generated more traffic on Wednesday than our entire site usually does on a typical weekday. The top eight stories on the site were about this case.

On Thursday traffic was even heavier. By the time most office workers on the East Coast headed home, we already had exceeded 1 million page views. More than 700,000 people visited on Thursday. On Friday, by 8:30 a.m. we already had had more traffic than the entire Friday the week before.
Yeah, but is the Rocky selling more of its print edition?

Update: Boulder freelance reporter Michael Sandrock, who talked about the "little smile" Karr gave when Sandrock mentioned how most people thought the Ramseys had murdered JonBenet, said on MSNBC this morning that he got the impression Karr had been to Boulder, saying he, Karr, had described the Boulder Daily Camera building and seemed to know local landmarks like Chatauqua Park. Everybody say "hmmmmm."

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