Monday, August 21, 2006

Afternoon JonBenet

It's Caplis and Silverman time! (Blech.) Yes, time for KHOW's matchless lawyer duo, and three endless hours of JonBenet! Let's do it!

Caplis still hates Mary Lacy, but simply can't believe that everyone around her is an utter idiot--they must have something.

Now they're talking about Wendy Hutchens, the woman who recorded a person she says is John Mark Karr confessing to the killing in 2001. They're going to have her on. [Update: I think I misheard that. Silverman just said that the reason the cops discounted Hutchens' story was that she was "kind of a jailbird type" who knew Richard Allen Davis, the murderer of Polly Klaas. Caplis reads a transcript that does not sound like Karr is confessing. They do not say Hutchens will be on.]

Caplis reads some piece saying that it might take six weeks to get Karr to Colorado. Silverman says it'll be easy and quick.

They play a lame comedy piece, Lives of the Rich and Famous, with John Mark Karr beating Mary Lacy with some paté or something.

In a fascinating article, the Rocky notes that Karr's e-mail address was the date of JonBenet's death. Man.

They have on a former prosecutor (didn't catch his name) who knows Lacy and also thinks she must have her ducks in a row. Caplis lets fly another anti-Lacy soliloquy. He just can't get by her treatment of the CU football players in the rape case (not indicting them but, according to him, saying they were guilty anyway).

You can listen to Caplis and Silverman all on your own, you know. They're lousy, but they're Colorado lawyers and they get some knowledgeable people.

For example, Stephen Singular is on next.

Caplis asks for his take on Karr--this is a guy with a history of child molestation, was in the online child sex game in 1996 . . . Law enforcement was not up to speed on internet crime back then . . . they're getting totally sidetracked. Do you think he did it, Singular?

Damn, Silverman just blabs and blabs. Singular says the cops (in the original investigation) told him to investigate the computer kiddie-porn angle himself if he wanted to--not good . . . . Saved By The Cross interpretation of S.B.T.C. has been out there for years . . . . We have not been shown the whole (of JonBenet's) body. There may be something there only a very few people know . . . On the other hand, the eejits never interviewed Karr's wife (as Caz pointed out in comments to the previous post). But wouldn't she, well her lawyer (Silverman asks), have been screaming to the high heavens if the cops were going the wrong way and smearing the father of her children--however much she hates him? Where's the proof?

Singular: Some among the people around JonBenet and the beauty pageant circuit did it. He's talked to pageant moms who told him that "unsavory characters," pedophiles in fact, gravitated naturally to that milieu, and that they "had to get rid of them." The Ramseys may or may not have been guilty, or only of exposing her to that world.

Silverman: Pedophiles roaming in a pack?

Singular: Whether Karr's guilty or not you're opening the door for the first time on the natural milieu of these criminals . . . The investigation in this realm has been completely driven by civilians. . . [man, I gotta get better at typing].

Caplis: What's your theory?

S: Let's theorize she was taken out of the house for say, a photo shoot, video event, etc. What I'd already seen on the internet was just a short step to really hurting a child.

So let's say this happened to JonBenet, and something went wrong. The crime scene that we have assumed to be the crime scene all along may not be the only crime scene. . . There is a natural criminal realm to investigate . . .

Caller: I was a pageant participant. It was wonderful. Not to say that it doesn't draw sickos . . .

S: Patsy was disturbed by some of the photos a Denver photog. took of JB (semi-naked, allegedly). For pity's sake, the same photographer took the pictures at Silverman's wedding. Denver's a small (cow) town.

S: The reason I wrote the book is that the Ramseys put their child in a place where she was exposed to these types of people.

Caller: After many years of therapy I got over being put on display that way . . . Thrown into a situation where I was expected to act much older than my age . . .

Good physical evidence for the intruder theory?

S: I don't think it's that strong. Many more possibilities that it's more complicated than just the Ramseys, or just an intruder. . .

Caplis at the end of the hour: Even if it was a brilliant move, isn't there something fundamentally wrong with wining and dining the little bugger [he didn't say bugger]?

Me: I don't like Singular's theory much. It smacks of the 80s-90s hysteria over stories of child-sacrificing cults, not a single one of which turned out to be true (though scores of people went to jail).

They've played that unfunny tape of "Karr" and "Lacy" on the plane three times in an hour.

Silverman finds a case that would seem to disqualify anything Karr said on the plane because the DA's cops got him intoxicated.

Bob Grant, "legendary" Adams County prosecutor and DU law professor: this wining and dining doesn't make any sense to me. Should at least have knocked the champagne glass out of his hand.

C: Do you think they've got the right guy?

BG: Ain't gonna say without the DNA!

Back and forth on the circumstances of Lacy moving when she did.

It's all if, if, if. DNA, DNA, DNA.

Break. I thought I might be able to do the whole three hours, but I can't. It's time to attend to other parts of my sad, suddenly monomaniacal life. I mean, my God, I can hardly picture the faces of my children anymore.

Update (via the Drunkawife): We have no children.

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