Friday, August 18, 2006

Karr knew details

Just noticed the front page of the Denver Post: "CNN: Karr knew secrets in JonBenet case":

JonBenet Ramsey murder suspect John Mark Karr gave authorities graphic details about the condition of the 6-year-old's body that have never been publicly revealed, a U.S. law enforcement source told CNN today.

Those details were known only to the medical examiner and the investigators investigating the December 26, 1996 slaying of the beauty pageant competitor, the law enforcement official
said . . . .

Some of the details Karr shared were gruesome - and accurate - the source said.

As cracks in the confession of Karr, combined with the Boulder prosecutor's unusual caution, fueled skepticism about the apparent break in the decade-old murder case, this report lends some credibility to his claims.

Skepticism has been rampant the past 24 hours as Karr, detained Wednesday in Thailand, made some questionable claims to reporters in Bangkok while admitting to the 6-year-old's December 1996 slaying - a crime he called an "accident" when a kidnapping scheme went bad . . . .

Update: Strange the News doesn't have it. The Post's timestamp on the story says 4:05:06 MDT.

Update II: One of our tenants suggested I check out this episode of South Park, in which the Ramseys make a guest appearance (be sure to read the second quote in the "quotes" section).

Update III (11:56 p.m. MDT): More weirdness. The Post has a story titled "Karr may have sought kids on the Net" in its front-page list of stories, but clicking on it gets only, "The content item you have requested is no longer available."

Update IV: It's back now, updated, and it's, yes, bizarre.

Update V: MSNBC only now (8:06 a.m. MDT August 19) has the S.B.T.C.-yearbook story. Seems like that happened last year, doesn't it? They also say Karr is under suicide watch in Bangkok but will be flown back to the U.S. tomorrow--business class.

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