Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sat Eve Post 10-24-64

Goldwasser! Mit der flaggen flugeling in der vind! Heil! (No idea why I'm talkin' fake nazi about Goldwater, since he was nothing like one--probably a hangover from my salmon-diaper baby upbringing.)

And who are these two, the Master Race? (Actually this photo looks remarkably like a painting by Norman Rockwell, doesn't it? He, of course, did scores of covers for the Post.)

All the cool kids were in the "Goldwater a go go club."

Goldwater was a hellacious photographer of the Southwest,
and even ran the Green River.

Enough G-water. Let's get to the astounding advances in technology.

Yeah, astounding.

Actually I just wanted to make fun of this dork:

My eye! My eye!: The incalculable power of the laser as it lights a flashbulb.

The obligatory ad:

The underwear did better than lots of people do.

The sports story. The black guy is Rubin "Hurricane" Carter.
He lost the 15-rounder in a unanimous decision, and it was all downhill from there.

(More old-timey magazine "fun" here, here, here, and if you're not catatonic yet, here.)

Update: even though the "Hurricane" link says its a "preview," the whole tune will play. It's pretty good Dylan.

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