Thursday, July 06, 2006

Churchill appeals firing "suggestion"

Ward Churchill has appealed interim CU chancellor Phil DiStefano's recommendation that he be fired.

In the response, according to the Denver Post, Churchill's attorney David Lane said,
"Professor Churchill's grounds for this appeal include the fact that the committee's report and the recommendation of the interim chancellor were against the weight of the credible evidence presented and was in retaliation for his First Amendment protected free speech."
A spokesperson for CU President Hank Brown told the Post that Churchill's appeal is "just a procedural aspect at this point since the report from privilege and tenure committee will be coming back to (Brown) for a decision . . . . It's not prudent to issue a comment at this point except to say that the process is in motion."

Neither the Post nor the News provided the full text of the appeal (the News' piece). No mention either of Churchill's (alleged) response last month in which he accused the committee assigned to investigate his scholarship of some of the same offenses he was found to have committed.

That "suggestion" in the title is the word the Post uses in its headline, by the way. Strong.

(h/t: Snapple)

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