Monday, August 28, 2006

Should have tried eBay

Peter Boyles starts his show, as he often has recently, by talking over JonBenet developments (or lack thereof) with former Allegheny County (PA) coroner Cyril Wecht, whom I just got around to googling. Oddly, I have never heard Boyles mention that Wecht is under indictment for 83 counts of mail fraud and one of "body trading":
U.S. Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan outlined the indictment at a news conference yesterday, including a charge that Dr. Wecht provided bodies that went unclaimed at the coroner's office for use as cadavers in the forensic sciences program at Carlow University. The government said the bodies were provided at no cost in exchange for lab space for his private practice.
Here's his wiki entry.

Boyles also got his wish for a new (but unfunny) parody song about the case from Don Wrege, Michael Row Your Load Ashore, about the CU prof who exchanged e-mails with John Mark Karr for years and who is a publicity hungry git. Might be on the KHOW website.

Update: Rita Cosby interviewed Boulder journalist Michael Sandrock, who repeated his story of meeting John Mark Karr in Paris and getting the impression that Karr had been in Boulder. IN other words, absolutely nothing is going on.

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