Friday, August 04, 2006

The perfessers

There were four books left on the "New Releases" table at the main library today: The Game and Fish Mastery Library--Pheasant and Quail; The Quotable [not Jerry] Lewis; The Annotated Lolita; and The Amazing Legume.

None quite fit my mood somehow; or, scarily, they all fit my mood. So when I saw David Horowitz's The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America on a nearby shelf, I grabbed it and ran, resisting the urge to cover up the title as I did.

I don't even want to read The Professors, partly because I know the drill (Tell Wardo I Love Heeeem) if not all the "personalities," but mostly because I'm afraid it'll be as poorly written and edited as Horowitz's Frontpagemag is.

Yeah, I've mentioned this problem before (still get a kick out of Jamie Glazov, too), but it continues to annoy me and therefore (naturally), you as well. The D-blog knows his audience.

But I'll read it. I'll bitch about it, but I'll read it.

Update: Oops, forgot to say that the library photo is from, shockingly, the Denver Public Library.

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