Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thursday JB roundups

Here's the Post's latest, and here's the News' Charlie Brennan and Bill Scanlon, who note that
Karr’s flight was tracked by news organizations around the world, some of whom [sic] were caught off guard by a last-minute change of arrival location . . .
It was like NORAD tracking Santa Claus at Christmas, except weird. KHOW actually posted the track of Karr's (Beech King!) plane on their website (though I don't remember which tracking service they used).

Things are way out of hand.

Oh yeah. Brennan and Scanlon: "[Karr] was immediately driven to the jail, where he was expected to have a standard-fare dinner: beef stew, noodles, celery sticks, squash from the jail garden and apple crisp."

The Post missed that. I'm hongry.

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