Sunday, August 27, 2006


Kevin Federline will make acting his next career move, according to the infallible MSNBC crawl. Britney Spears' husband will play a "teen thug" who "harasses investigators" on an episode of CSI this fall. Don't mess with William Petersen, K-Fed! He'll yank that stupid hat of yours off and zip zip! his trusty scalpel will have your eyes rolling on the ground and Britney will be screaming!


Sunday morning JonBenet

Media critic (and Volokh Conspiracy contributor) Dave Kopel has a piece in the Rocky with the perverted-sounding headline, "Owens the master in JonBenet case," about Colorado Gov. Bill Owens' big mouth on big cases:
Following the Aug. 17 premiere of the latest media crime-of- the-century story, JonBenet Ramsey - Part II, many commentators noted that Owens had sharply criticized John and Patsy Ramsey, and had stopped only an inch short of claiming that they were guilty. Perhaps more so than any previous Colorado governor, Owens had the opportunity to speak out on a significant number of nationally infamous crimes, including Columbine, JonBenet and the (alleged) University of Colorado football rapes. In the months following these crimes, Owens echoed the conventional wisdom of the media: more gun control is needed; the Ramseys are guilty; CU is guilty.

Owens has successfully used intense media coverage of sensational crimes to popularize himself. When Owens announced in late 1999 that the Ramseys should "stop hiding behind their attorneys" and declared "If they're innocent, they're sure not acting like they are," his words gained much more media play than almost anything else he said in that period.
Kopel somewhat awkwardly drags Reagan into it, but the piece is worth reading.

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