Thursday, August 10, 2006

And cheats

The first time the man calls them what they are, "Islamic fascists," and how does the BBC report it? "President George W Bush says a plot to blow up US-bound airliners shows the US is still at war with extremists."

(via Natalie Solent at B-BBC, who says, simply, "Liars." She adds,

It's easy to find oneself beginning to accept the tendency of the BBC to make certain types of false statements simply because it keeps happening. For instance, as it did here, the BBC regularly changes non-PC words or phrases to their PC equivalents not only in its own reports (bad enough) but even when quoting people who did, deliberately, use words such as "terrorist" or "Islamic fascist". Another example of reprehensible behaviour that one finds oneself beginning to accept through familiarity is "stealth editing" - the BBC's regular practice of quietly changing a story but not changing the "Last Edited" field at the top of the webpage. There have been dozens, even hundreds of examples of this detailed in this blog - but one still meets people who are surprised that the BBC would allow a false statement to stand, and even people who say, "that story can't have been changed, see, it says the time it was last edited up there."

Easily hundreds, I think. Bad as the MSM can be in the U.S., it's got nothing on the BBC.)

Update: Actually it's not the first time Bush has used the term, according to Wikipedia.

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