Monday, April 02, 2007

The way of my people

The fireworks boomed a second ago, and just now two F-16s cranked over the house at a couple thousand feet--ka-whammm! Our Colorado Rockies begin a new season at Coors Field! The future lies glittering before us!

Update: To be fair, the occasional nitwit or amiable chucklehead thinks the Rockies might finish third in the NL West.

Update II: The radio guy says Rockies mascot Dinger the Dinosaur will be handing out free poppers to kids 12 and under!

Update III: The Post has a nice Opening Day slideshow. Check out pic 11. Looks like they're at about 500 feet, not 2000.

Update IV: D-backs 8-6. "America's Pastime" my ass.

Update V: The Rockies' radio announcers have a blog! Think I'll go leave a comment linking to this post.

Update VI: Apparently they forgot to tell the web gink about their blog.

Update VII: So I'll link to Rox Girl, who exemplifies the triumph of hope over experience: "Not a pretty start to the season, but then again, we've had good starts go way bad in the past, so maybe the change will kick us in gear."

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