Thursday, April 12, 2007

Never-ending winter II

Der Post:
An intense spring storm will move in this evening bringing blizzard conditions that could drop up to 6 inches in the metro area and up to 12 inches in the western and southern suburbs of Denver.

Ironically, much of it will melt this weekend as Saturday and Sunday should be sunny and warm, only to be followed by another intense storm early next week.
How is that ironic? Who cares? Wherever he is, I blame the Gore.

Update (4/13/07): Weather forecast ridiculously wrong: "Storm misses Denver by a mile":
If making weather predictions were like kicking field goals in football, the prediction yesterday for a big storm to hit the metro area missed "wide right."

The snow that was supposed to lock the city in this morning was thwarted by a jet stream that pushed the system south into Arizona and aimed the storm to the east into Oklahoma and Kansas.
And these people think they can predict what the climate will be like 10, 20, 100--hell, a thousand years from now? It'd be funny if it weren't--well, it's just funny, isn't it?

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