Friday, April 13, 2007

Saturday Evening Post, 5/24/64

Run little Earthalings!

It's Josie's nose!

Boy, this issue's straight out of Lileks Country, so forgive me if I "unconsciously" "borrow" some of his lines. The whole issue is a giant plug for the 1964 World's Far. Yes, Far. No, I don't know why they called it that. Let's get the ad out of the way:

Do not be alarmed: the clown is dead. He smoked Camel non-filters.

Like, whee.

Amazingly accurate artist's conception of lunar rovers on their "globular wheels," at the General Motors Futurama.

Friday! Time for another edition of I Was a Communist for the F.B.Iiiiyah. Tonight's episode, the clumsily titled "Courter of Disaster!" (7/22/53). [Update: Bill Conrad reprises his uncredited role as "Comrade Revchenko," Matt Cvetic's cell leader.]

More Far:

Now even homeless people have jet packs!

The obligatory beatnik cartoon:

Dig that crazy bongo.

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