Sunday, April 15, 2007

Catching up--with Churchillpalooza!

In a veritable avalanche of gormless postings, the ex-glam rockers at the Ward Churchill Solidarity Network inform a waiting world of the past week's historic events:
The CU students who have organized to support academic freedom met at the UMC Fountain to rally in support of Ward Churchill. With signs protesting the University’s attack on Ward Churchill due to his unpopular 9-11 comments, we marched to administration offices to discuss with administration our demands. Press arrived with us and filmed the demands as well as the discussion with the liason [sic] who then received the petition to CU President Hank Brown with over 400 signatures demanding that Ward retain his position at the University. The liason [sic] then pretended our issues would be taken seriously and left.

All in all, it was a great event and a great start to our actions against the administration aT [sic] the University of Colorado at Boulder who seek to punish those who exercise their First Amendment Right.
Yes, a great event.

They also have an account of the colloquium:
On Thursday April 12, American Indian Studies Professor Eric Cheyfitz (Cornell), Indigenous Nations Studies Professor Michael Yellow Bird, and CU Ethnic Studies Professor Emma Perez challenged the factual basis of the Investigative Committee’s report. Many in attendance reported being convinced that the report is a frame-up, and that the administration is simply creating excuses to fire Professor Ward Churchill
All of them were previously undecided, of course. Electa Draper's Post article is reproduced in full.

And finally, old business:
On Friday April 13, CU students met with the Alumni Association representatives to protest the group’s refusal to give Prof. Churchill the award voted him by the students last year. They were bluntly informed that the Alumni Association would not follow through because wealthy alumni had threatened to withdraw funding if the award were granted.
Bet that's just how they put it.

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