Sunday, April 15, 2007

Saitta to Churchillpalooza organizers: have clear policy or "I'm gone"

In apparently his last comment at Pirate Ballerina before he sulks into the sunset, University of Denver professor Dean Saitta says he told the organizers of Churchillpalooza that
I will not participate unless this is an open event and there is an explicit policy governing recording devices that is even-handedly applied. I've emailed the event organizers asking about their intentions in these regards, and I trust that they will be made clear on whatever publicity finally appears for the event. If they aren't, then I'm gone.
He also says some things about me from which I may never recover. So now the ball's in the Chutchophiles' court. Let's see what policy they come up with. Maybe this time they'll try at least to meet CU regs, if not Saitta's onerous demands.

Update: PB has CU's policy on open meetings. Money quote:

"Unobtrusive use of still and motion picture cameras and recording devices is permitted during any open meeting."

So they harassed us and, worse, had the cops do the same, without having a legal leg to stand on.

Update II: On re-reading Saitta's comment, it's clear I misread it at first and that it was (probably) not his last. At least, I hope not, even though he wants to believe that vile Churchill supporter Ben Whitmer and I are just alike. Sooner or later you'll understand the difference, Dean. Maybe.

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