Friday, April 06, 2007

Where's that recommendation?

If CU's Privilege and Tenure Committee is going to make its recommendation this week on whether Ward Churchill should be fired, as P & T chairpersyn Weldon Lodwick told the Silver & Gold Record it would, they better step on it.

And how predictable is it that they'd wait, not just until a Friday, standard for news one wants buried, but until Good Friday? (Answer: very.)

Update: My ampersand key is wearing out since the Churchill case moved to the P & T Committee and I've begun quoting the Silver & Gold Record.

Update II: Sources who wish to remain alive tell the Drunkablog that the committee's recommendation may well be confidential, and that we as ordinary American citizens may not hear anything until the regents make their decision--perhaps weeks from now. Just a couple of months ago I would have scoffed at the notion of CU dragging this out until the end of the school year. Now it seems inevitable.

Update III: Unless, of course, "Charley Arthur" over at Try-Works wants to clue us in on the committee's decision.

Update IV: By the way: Pirate Ballerina notes that's it's been five days since Charley said he'd post an hour-long video "proving" Ward Churchill's Indian ancestry. Better speed it up, Charley! You're blog co-host Ben Whitmer must be getting antsy after sending an e-mail announcing Ward's video vindication to "everyone he could think of." You dont' want to embarrass Ben, do you? He's liable to make a death threat against you, and then you'd have to threaten him back, and he'd threaten you, and you'd threaten--well, it would just be a mess. (Though, of course, being revolutionaries who only urge others to violence, neither of you would actually be in any danger.)

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