Friday, April 06, 2007


  • Dogs will always look for a toy close to wherever they happen to be, even if they know it isn't there--at least, that's what Billy Bob does.

  • Appendix A of Blues Guitar for Dummies is "How to read music." Eight pages. Me and this book are gonna get along just fine.

  • A toast from Robert Benchley in some movie I wasn't really watching: "May all your little ones be troubled."

  • Anybody listened to Dennis Miller's new radio show yet? I've heard a few minutes here and there, and despite the promos, which call him "the king of rants," he seems throttled back to the point of comatosity.

  • Who cares? He dislodged satanic hamster Michael "you should get AIDS and die" Savage. More than that one can ask of no man.

  • For months I've been collecting links for a long piece on Wikipedia. Now I've got so many I'm totally overwhelmed. And uninterested.

  • Favorite wikipedia story: Poor John Siegenthaler, Sr., a well-known journalist whose wiki for more than a day claimed he'd killed and eaten John F. Kennedy.

  • Fun paragraph saved from a newspaper years ago:
    Custer also admitted he used LSD and hallucinogenic mushrooms, smoked marijuana and shoplifted a block of cheese from Kmart "every Sunday."
  • It's Friday, gotta have an old-time radio show. No, not I Was a Communist for the FBI. Tonight it's Bing Crosby, with Ella Fitzgerald and the Mills Brothers. A little noisy, a little scratchy, a little skippy, but after all it was taken from a nearly 60-year-old disk (9/11/49). Still eminently worth listening to.

  • Update: LGF: "Wikipedia Moonbat Says Rathergate Docs Are Real"

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