Friday, April 27, 2007

Walk this way

Thought I'd see how the "nationwide walkout in support of Ward Churchill" went today at the epicenter of Churchillian activism, the University of Colorado. Picture it: almost high noon, and there I am, wanderin' around campus in the only way a man knows how--aimlessly. Soon though, I spot a likely walking-out point, and sure enough:

Two minutes before noon.

Two minutes after.

It was amazing.

Not quite noon: Supersoaker fun!

Just after noon: "The All-Colorado Union of Poor College Students proclaims its solidarity with Ward Churchill! Long live critical thinking! Long live true academic freedom!"

Two minutes before: gentle artistic bronze person.

Two minutes after: Lenin.

But seriously

Truth is, in 40 or so minutes of plodding around I didn't see anybody I could tell was a walker-outer for Ward.

This guy? Don't think so. (Not walking.)

Maybe this girl? Wait, is that McDonald's she's carrying? Sorry, but nobody does a walkout carrying a bag of quarter-pounders.

Then I spotted these freaks. They had to be steppin' out for Ward:

Fanatical cadres of the Maoist Internationalist Movement. Or maybe a high school band visiting the big college. Both are known to wear matching red sweatervests (source: FBI files).

But let's put a good spin on this. Maybe nobody walked out today because they still weren't quite recovered from the last protest:

The sidewalk remembers.

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