Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Haven't seen hide nor hair of a couple of folks lately. One is "Charley Arthur," Ben Whitmer's even scuzzier "co-host" over at the Try-Works blog, who, as PB points out, still (after 16 days!) hasn't posted the video he said would prove Ward is a Cherokee, and who hasn't even commented at the blog for days. One supposes that the scholars of the hilariously named "Students and Faculty for True Academic Freedom"--you know, the group that had the cops remove two bloggers from a public event--have advised Chur--I mean, Charley--to lie low while the problems caused by that impetuously totalitarian action are (they hope) worked out.

The other person who's gone MIA is one of those problems, Professor Dean Saitta of the University of Denver. Saitta, you'll remember, was scheduled to speak at an upcoming SFTAF event in support of Churchill, but recently said that:
I will not participate unless this is an open event and there is an explicit policy governing recording devices that is even-handedly applied. I've emailed the event organizers asking about their intentions in these regards, and I trust that they will be made clear on whatever publicity finally appears for the event. If they aren't, then I'm gone.
Are you gone yet, professor? Or have the geniuses and free-thinkers of the SFTAF assuaged your concerns? I'd love to see the e-mails going back and forth on that. Heh.

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