Tuesday, April 03, 2007


First, if you haven't seen it already check out Pirate Ballerina's post for today. He presents many interesting facts and figures, and mocks Ward Churchill homonculous Ben Whitmer in an entertaining and effective manner. University of Denver professor Dean Saitta, who co-founded the Churchill-supporting Teachers for a Democratic Society (yes, let's Recreate68), makes an appearance as well, but is not mocked much at all.

Anyway, just wanted to note that since nobody's ever asked me to sign a petition proclaiming solid (or even liquid) arity with Ward Churchill, I went out and found one I could sign:

A-Aaron's 5-10% Bail Bonds on 13th near the Denver jail supports Dog the Bounty Hunter (be sure to listen to the hit tune "Set the Dog Free")
--and now, so does the Drunkablog!

Update: Yes, I lied. The guys in A-Aaron's wouldn't let me sign their stupid petition either. Something about "get out of here, pencil-neck," and "looks like a snitch to me."

Update II: A-Aaron's tried so hard to be listed first in the bail bonds section of the yellow pages and still got beat out by A-Aaardvark (three a's) 5 & 10% Bail Bonds.

Update III: Aaas it turns out, you can't avoid listening to "Set the Dog Free." Sorry.

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