Monday, April 09, 2007

Stewart was the opening act

The newest semi-literate voice of the oppressed, the Spartacus World Times, has a report on the Ward Churchill-Lynne Stewart confab in New York March 31. According to the paper, Ward offered his first take on the Privilege & Tenure Committee's examination of his case:

He told the audience that, to his surprise, his hearing appealing the administration's move toward revoking his tenure and firing him went well.

"I expect the (review board) to come back with a favorable decision," he said.

He's got to be whistling out his ass into the wind blowing past the graveyard of deluded hopes of imperial destruction, doesn't he? In any case:
"in good democratic fashion," Churchill added, the university president would be free to disregard this recommendation and dismiss him anyway.
Uh-huh. One great typo (out of many) in the piece:
"I don't have anything against prayer or even against churches [update: yeah, sure], and I certainly don't have anything against spirituality," [Churchill] said, but prayer is not enough. . . .

"You can't vote it out, you can't pray it out," the professor concluded. Instead, he extorted [sic] the audience and other progressives to more radical and forceful "resistance."
He always does that.

Update: Irony alert: The meeting was held at the New York Society for Ethical Culture.

(via the parrot-abusing freak at Pirate Ballerina)

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