Monday, April 09, 2007

For completists only

The Maoist Internationalist Movement has a Phil Spector-ish Wall of Words review of Russell Thornton's American Indian Holocaust and Survival (1987), purporting to show that Ward Churchill was right about Whitey intentionally infecting Indians with smallpox. I couldn't even bring myself to skim it to look for funny and/or insane quotes.

(h/t Snapple)

Update: Love the title, though: "Book Review in Action!"

Update II: PB in comments notes a great quote from Lynne Stewart that I hadn't appreciated:
Stewart said that she encouraged her clients, some of whom remain in prison on a variety of criminal charges, to write to the appeals court judges on her behalf. She said that one of her clients questioned whether he would be a good person to write for her, given his criminal record.

"No, you are" exactly the people I want to write letters for me, because they represent her life's work, Stewart said that she responded. One client who wrote on her behalf had, she said, gotten out of a life of crime and pursued higher education.
Well, isn't that nice.

Update III: There's a whole carnival of Churchill-related activities at CU this week, according to the cube-tops at Ward Churchill Solidarity Network. Wednesday at noon is a "march" on the Board of Regents (what does that even mean? Will they have the regents cornered so people can march at them, or will everybody just march on an empty meeting room?); Thursday evening is a critique of CU's investigative report by various nitwits including Eric Cheyfitz and Emma Perez; and Saturday is the biggie--an all-day blabathon featuring:
Derrick Bell, law professor, New York Univ.; prolific author and founder of critical race theory; Jennifer Harbury (invited), attorney, author of Truth, Torture and the American Way; Alan Jones, professor & associate dean, Pitzer College; Chris Mato Nunpa (Dakota), professor of Indigenous Studies, SW Minnesota State Univ.; [and] Dean Saitta, “dangerous” professor of Anthropology, Univ. of Denver.
That's what we call him, all right--"Dangerous Dean."

The wedgeheads at WCSN also devote an itty-bitty entry to a petition expressing solidarity with Norman "The Holocaust Industry" Finkelstein.

Update: I added another name for Dean Saitta that was a little over the top, given that he is at least trying to engage the other side. After he complained, I removed it.