Sunday, April 29, 2007

I need a break

Don't know how I missed it, but Revolution, "the voice of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA," weighed in on the Churchill case last week:

The decision by the appeals committee is unacceptable! It gives credence to the whole campaign to drag Churchill's name through the mud, by saying there is something wrong with his scholarship deserving of disciplinary measures.

Update: Our Leader is Chairman Avakian!

Update II: Over at Pirate Ballerina, National! Emergency! Forum! survivor Laurie gives an excellent account in comments of the afternoon portion of the N!E!F! Quote (among several good ones):
Most [forum speakers and attendees] seem to believe they stand for academic freedom. Sure, there were some young and stupid people (I was young and stupid back in the stone age, so I felt some empathy). It seemed clear that this battle was soundly lost and I sensed sadness. The snake oil salesman had robbed them of their loyalty to save his own sorry ass.
Laurie seems way more sympathetic to the N!E!F!ers than I am. You got to want to be conned to let somebody like Churchill con you.

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