Monday, April 23, 2007


  • None of us thinks about this enough: "Public alerted to the dangers of kids falling from windows."

  • Call me Twitchy:
    A Transportation Security Administration effort to screen air travelers for suspicious behavior is on track to come to Denver International Airport this year, subjecting passengers to observation and small talk from agents looking for signs of deception.
    Small talk? Please, anything but that!

  • Salaciousness: "Judge and prosecutor acknowledge sexual relationship":
    A Douglas County judge and a prosecutor who worked in the same courtroom could be disbarred as a result of an affair that included more than one rendezvous in the judge’s chambers and in the woman’s showers in court.

    Grafton M. Biddle, 57, resigned his position as judge on Dec. 18, after rumors began circulating that he was having a romantic relationship with Laurie A. Steinman, 29.
    No reason to include that one (besides its inherent fascination) except the judge's name: Grafton M. Biddle. Grafton! Your nanny requires spanking!

  • Remember how labor problems threatened to derail the Democratic Convention in Denver in 2008? Of course you do! Problems solved--and without resorting to car crushers: "AFL-CIO boss cleans Colorado chapter's house."

  • From an infomercial: Your old-fashioned mattress weighs twice as much after ten years as it did when it was new. The reason? The fecal matter and dead bodies of dust mites.

    Okay, maybe that's not true. Still, they're fairly disgusting.

  • The never-ending vintner, er, winter:

    A powerful storm is heading into Colorado tonight, with deep accumulations of snow predicted for the higher areas. The National Weather Service issued a tornado watch for Denver, Adams and Arapahoe Counties until 9 p.m. tonight.

    The metro area, around 5,500 feet altitude, can expect a mixture of rain and snow late tonight and into Tuesday, with snow accumulations of anywhere from 1 to 3 inches.

    The Drunkablog manse is at almost exactly 5,500 feet, but surely they can't mean it's going to snow only at that altitude? Can they? Maybe those computer models work better than I thought.

    Update: Naaah.

  • Update II: And don't call me Shirley.

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