Friday, August 31, 2007

Leftist icon disappeared

The Maoist Internationalist Movement's print edition of its venerable (circa 1980?) MIM Notes has been liquidated.

Like the rest of mainstream or "legacy" media, MIM Notes apparently was hit hard by the rush of readers to the Internet (circulation figures for MN, of course, have always been a state secret). Compounding the problem, MIM Notes, unaccountably, accepted no advertising. Here's the Chair:
I have to report the indefinite suspension of paper MIM Notes. We are making efforts to regroup and resume publication upon completion of neglected tasks.

This announcement will also give others a chance to pick up the slack if they so desire, to publish their own papers.

At the same time, I should report that Prisons Ministry [Ministry? Puh-lease] work has picked up the pace in recent months. If MIM is an ant, then we walk on the prisons leg and the Internet leg, but not the paper ones at the moment. So we have much unevenness and disruption.
Unevenness and disruption? Say it ain't so, Deng Ho!

It's really a bummer, though. I've had lots of fun with MIM over the last couple of years, and I hate to see capitalism grind them down.*

All that's left, then, is to quote one of (paper) MIM Notes' biggest fans in eulogy:

"[T]he Maoist International Movement have used their weekly papers to advance some of the best analysis of my case and its implications yet published"--Ward Churchill.

Goodbye, li'l revolutionary stick figure!

* Hee.

(via PB, who unworthily wonders if Mumsy cut off someone's allowance. If so, it has to be Security Minister. His mom's mean.)

Update: Post edited to reflect that only paper MIM Notes is being killed. The online version will, allegedly, continue.


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