Friday, August 31, 2007

Please redact me, let me go

Pirate Ballerina has received ("in the mail," he says mysteriously) an account of the 1994 "assassination plot" against Ward Churchill which blames the FBIiiiii--not, as AIMsters have claimed, the Denver Police Department--for failing to warn Ward and his pals of the supposed plot. I think it might have something to do with Ward's previously rocky relations with the FBI, don't you? A scene limps to mind:
FBI Offices, 1100 Zimbalist Avenue N.W., Washington. FBI Commodore-Detective Joe Efrem is addressing a room of FBIiiiii agents:

Commodore-Detective Efrem (gravely): Gentlemen, we have just received word from the Denver Police Department Bureau of Intelligence that there is a threat against the life of Professor Ward Churchill.

Agents: Hubbub! Hubbub!

Efrem: Men, one of us will have to warn Professor Churchill.

Agents: Murmur! Murmur!

Efrem: Any volunteers?

Agents: (Silence.)

Efrem: Gentlemen . . . ah, the hell with it.

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