Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Eco-terrorism works

Vail Resorts, once the target of Earth Liberation Front arsonists, has seen the (green) light:
Vail Resorts has pledged $500,000 to support the 2008 Democratic National Convention and encourage environmentally friendly practices at the gathering.

Vail will provide lanyards and credential holders made of recycled materials to more than 15,000 journalists and guests expected for the gathering next August.
Not just credential holders. Lanyards.

The resort pledged to encouraging the use of recycled materials and renewable energy at the convention. Democrats hope to make the convention "green" through the use of wind-power credits, by reducing the amount of paper consumed and by encouraging delegates to use vehicles powered by alternative fuels. . . .

Which reminds me of celebrity environmentist Ed Begley, Jr.'s appearance on The Simpsons, when he drove a go-cart powered only by his "own sense of self-satisfaction."

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