Wednesday, August 08, 2007

He understands Ward, though

On one of his nine or ten blogs, Oz-blogger John "You Can Call Me" Jay Ray quotes (as we and others around here did a while ago) the LA Times' Gregory Rodriguez on the Ward Churchill case. I've been an intermittent reader of Ray for years, even linked to him, but when he's not quoting huge hunks of somebody else's writing, without comment and with the pitiful attribution "source," he's exhibiting all the warmth of a spokesman for the Australian Asperger's Syndrome League.

Or whatever it's called.

More: In a post hilariously titled "May the enemies of Democracy tremble," The Existentialist Cowboy (wow, hip) congratulates himself for being thrice-named a "thinking blogger" by a bunch of paranoid idiots, and compiles a list of blogs catering to the Ward Churchill demographic. Take this example from a blog he cites:

i think that it is mind boggling that in a country with less want than possibly any other country on the planet- that we should covet anything that anyone else has. much less blow up their families to get it. think about that for a moment

That's from what EC calls a "veritable oasis of reason," "The Peace Tree." Another blog he recommends: "70 Reasons to Doubt," which discusses 70 (no more, no fewer) reasons to doubt that 9-11 was pulled off by Al-Quaeda, but rather planned by you-know-who.

Then there's Intelligentaindigena Novajoservo, which "explores the plight of indigenous peoples all over the world. A recent post: Ward Churchill: An Indigenist activist willing to stand up for what is right."

And how about the Department of Homeland Conspiracy, which "is new to my blogroll but putting issues even more bluntly: The United States of America is Dead."

I've taken a sudden re-liking for the word "bonehead."

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