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More petitionidiocy

PB has a couple of high-larious posts on the latest petition in support of Ward Churchill from the the Hugh Jaynuses of the WC Solidarity Network, but I found a few good quotes too. From a Canuck:
Although hardly a singular example, Ward Churchill's case, nonetheless, fills many of us with foreboding as we watch the world's most powerful nation become more bellicose in its foreign policy and more authoritarian, at times bordering on protofascist, in its internal behaviour.
Several others take the "fascist" route, so consider that comment representative.

From James M. Craven ("Omahkohkiaayo i'poyi"):
What this is really about, in addition to pure retribution for content of speech and the exercise of free speech, is Genocide/Holocaust Denial and Cover-up: This is part of a demonstrable ongoing ultra-rightist conspiracy and atttempt to smear a major scholar . . . and to plant a "poison pill" and deterrent against the use of the body of his past, present and future work by other scholars on Genocide/Holocausts in the present and future.
Karen M. Welles is in no-doubt-twisted love: "Please reinstate this incredible scholar and irreplaceable professor immediately."

Incredible scholar. Heh. One of a number of anti-Chutch signers, "A little Eichmann":
Ward is so right about everything. I deserved to be murdered because I worked as a stock broker. Rehire Ward, so he can insult more dead people and make up lots more history.
"Teacher, writer, peformer" soledad decosta seems to believe the Churchill investigating committee went after her, personally:

Contrary to the unfortunate (and inaccurate) finding of your board, Ward Churchill's widely-cited work has been a significant influence in my work as a performer, lecturer and public educator, as well as thousands of others. Please reconsider your misguided stance towards this important member of our community.

Sincerely, solidad decosta teacher, writer, peformer

From a "Rev. Kurt A. Kuhwald": "I lived and worked in Boulder 1996 - 2000. I was most appreciative of the strong moral model Professor Churchill brought to our American life."

Strong moral model. Professor Chris Mato Nunpa is typically concise and professorial:
We in Indigenous Nations Studies do teach from an Indigenous world-view and perspective which is not only radically different but also most of the time diametrically opposed to what is taught of U.S. history in the educational systems of this country. We, Indigenous academics, scholars, & educators, definitely present alternative historical interpretations which portray the U.S. in an unfavorable light. For example, the peoples who had their lands stolen are going to look at and tell things differently than the people who stole the lands. The United States stole approximately three billion acres within the continental United States from the Indigenous Peoples, etc. We can list example after example of this type of alternative interpretations. This is what Professor Ward Churchill teaches - he teaches the TRUTH! And, for this, challenging the status quo and encouraging critical thinking, Dr. [update: sic, as PB noticed] Churchill has been, and continues to be, harrassed and punished.
Other signers include Julio Pino, Elisa Facio, and Glenn Spagnuolo, who liked it so much he signed it twice. His comment:
Lets [sic] remember, this was about an essay that made Americans uncomfortable confronting what is done in their names. The rest is just a smoke screen created by CU to give an air of respectability to their violations of Ward's First Ammendment [sic] Rights!
Funny, by the way, how the zippernecks at the Solidarity Network keep proving the nonexistence of support for Ward even among academics. I count about 199 legitimate signatures so far on the petition, the same number of CU faculty who signed a Ward-supporting petition at the beginning of the scandal. Right now I can spot only one CU faculty member: poor dumb Elisa Facio.

In fact, the petition is more interesting for who hasn't signed than for who has. No one from CU's ethnic studies department besides Elisa--not even Churchill's mutt Benjie Whitmer. No Tom Mayer, who carries a pen in all three hands just to sign Ward Churchill stuff. No Margaret LeCompte. No Glenn "you'll be getting it" Morris. And no Dean Saitta, who has clearly abandoned ship (while not, of course, admitting error--after all, he's in mid-career).

Update: Robert Robideau signs and comments:
As an enrolled member of the trutle [sic] mountain and white earth Ojibwa tribes I fully agree with the points outlined in this petition. I especially veiw [sic] this attack on Ward Churchill, as an attack on all Native American Indian scholars and teachers who challenge mainstream academia.
Update II: PB notes that Benjie has gotten around to signing, at #221. Three-fisted Tommy Mayer? Apparently still MIA.

Update III (9 August): Okay, we got Tommy signed now at #256.

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