Thursday, August 30, 2007

Creepy liars

A letter to the Post from Recreate68! "organizing committee member" Mark Cohen protests columnist David Harsanyi's characterization of the group yesterday:

David Harsanyi claims that the name Re-create 68 "is a reference to the violent 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago," and that "anyone with even a passing historical acquaintance with 1968 knows very well the group's name implies violence."

But our name is not "Re-create Chicago 68" or "DNC 68." What we want to re-create is the spirit of mass political participation of that year: a massive anti-war movement that opposed the violence of Vietnam; the optimism of the McCarthy and Kennedy campaigns that brought millions of young people into the political process; and the opening of opportunities for African-Americans, Latinos and women that could hardly have been dreamt of 10 years before. We want the democracy that the Bush administration claims to be exporting to become a reality here at home, as it promised to be and briefly was during the movements of the '60s.
Oh, bullshit (from, of course, R68!'s website).

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