Wednesday, August 01, 2007


First time I haven't woken up to a Google alert telling me there was a Wardo story in over a week.

A letter in the News:
It just infuriates me to think that Mike Littwin (“Rock-star Churchill holds court before heading there,” July 26) and Bill Johnson (“Freedom of speech took a hit along with Churchill,” July 27) think that all Americans are stupid when they wrote their columns about Ward Churchill.What is wrong with the decision to finally clean up some of our colleges? Maybe both Littwin and Johnson are OK with fake and phony people teaching their kids, but some of us want credentials that are honest and have some integrity.
One of the comments is kind of funny:
Littwin is a left over from the 60's. He also hasnt bathed since the 60's. If you have ever had the displeasure of speaking to him in person. After gagging from his bad breath you will find that his opinions are truely his beliefs. Littwin lives in a fantasy world of a utopian concept where human reality does not exisit.
No, despite the orthography and grammar, I didn't write it.

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