Wednesday, August 08, 2007

"Speakout" aids idiot-spotting

In the News, an unedited Speakout column on Ward by Andrew H. Dral starts slow:
As an alumnus of the University of Colorado, receiving my MBA in 1989, I am very troubled by the witch hunt conducted by University of Colorado President Hank Brown and the Colorado Board of Regents against Ethnic Studies Professor
Ward Churchill. . . .

But perks up:
Talking about taking responsibility for errors, when will the US fess up to the great genocide perpetrated against the American Indian. Who were the 20 academics [sic] which [sic] found a pattern of misconduct? The same academics that condoned the massacre at Wounded Knee, South Dakota, which resulted in at least 18 medals of honor for the 7th Cavalry for gunning down a few hundred innocent women and children by Gatling Gun.
Sheeee-ew. "The same academics who condoned the massacre at Wounded Knee." Mimi Wesson really is evil. In fact, Dral blames these "20" academics for everything. After shaming them for condoning the Trail of Tears, in fact, he works his way to (surprise!) their supposed support for Israel:

Most likely these are the same academics that would support Israel right or wrong, as it continues to perpetrate both the economic and carnal genocide [sic] of its Arab neighbors. For these academics the Lebanese massacre orchestrated by Ariel Sharon at Sabra and Shatila never occurred. These same academics probably discount the 3 to 1 kill ratio
of Palestinians. . . .

And thence to Vietnam and Korea and Iraq:
To these same academics the killing of 3 million Asians never occurred during the Vietnam War, No Gun Ri the killing hundreds of women and children in South Korea was an aberration, so was My Lai in Vietnam and of course Fallujah in Iraq. After No Gun Ri the US military knew there would be no penalty for gunning down hundreds of unarmed civilians during war time. . . . .
Eventually though, Andrew wanders back to CU:

Who is in denial at the University Colorado? Unfortunately, history has new twists and turns, the powerful interests of the day will distort and obfuscate the truth for their own ruthless ends. Academics must have the freedom to question history, the writers of history, and the current powers of the day unencumbered, so the truth finally wins. The massive hate against the US by various people around the world is clear, legitimate, palpable, and understandable.

Something of a theme here recently, but Churchill supporters are the lousiest writers I've seen since I graded freshman essays for the English teachers at North High School (the worst public high school in Denver). Dral:

Hank Brown and his Regents [great band name] don’t get it and may never get it. Ward Churchill gets it. Hank Brown and the Regents have harmed academic freedom and the first amendment, sending a chilling message to those who question conventional thought that may later be found baseless in truth, but just the propaganda of the day.

Huh? Dral recovers with a new and particularly vile analogy to the Third Reich:

Hitler sent the same message to the citizenry of Germany by executing Sophie Scholl of the White Rose Society for distributing pamphlets against Germany’s role and atrocities committed in World War II at the University of Munich.
Ward Churchill as Sophie Scholl. Just--disgusting:
How much different is this from what Hank Brown and his Regents have orchestrated? Both methods get the job done, snuff out the truth by killing the messenger. If anyone should be removed from the university, it should be President Hank Brown and his Board of Regents.
Is there any point in arguing with somebody who thinks like this?

Update: Hank Brown and His Regents.

Update II: Actually, it's the Delltones.

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