Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Mumia speaks!

In that bizarre white-newscaster's voice of his, convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal devotes another prison radio commentary to Ward Churchill:

Indeed [Churchill's] works, many of which are anti-imperialist in nature, has [sic] also made him an enemy of the nationalists and fascists in the corporate media [you got Bill Moyers in that cell with you, Mumia?--ed.]. . . .

It may sound rhetorical to compare Americans to "little Eichmanns," but before the war Nazi and fascist support groups were flourishing in America. Nazi sympathizers filled Madison Square Garden under the North American Bund. Fascist groups were electing councilmen and mayors. Perhaps the only group with more clout was the Klan. . . .

This may prove unpopular for Americans to hear, but it is the truth. Ward Churchill is precisely the kind of scholar Americans need to read and hear. He is a brave and brilliant man, who has slain [and eaten!--ed.] his share of sacred cows. As America engages in a global war based on lies, they need him now, more than ever.

(via Liberator Magazine)

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