Friday, August 10, 2007

More petition tomfoolery!

The petition to reinstate Ward Churchill has 20 or 30 more names than it had last time I looked yesterday, so the number of signers is still, as Pirate Ballerina put it the other day, "skyrocketing." New comments from a few of the deeper thinkers (all errors, of course, sic):

Scaredy cats
Only fear could have caused a university to do what the Univ. of Colorado did in firing Ward Churchill. Fearful universities are very scary places. We don't need them.
Honor genocide
in order to heal the earth and its beings, we must honor the genocide on this land and those help us to remember the deep rooted sadness and pain. we shall overcome. thanks for helping us to remember Ward. may the government corporation wake up to and consciously evolve.
Can't stand Keanu Reeves
free speech or democracy it just an illusion of the matrix? We will remember your university for future enrollment of our students.
I am alumni

I am alumni of the University of Colorado at Boulder. To lose Mr. Churchill as a professor would be a catastrophic loss to the current student body in its critical development. My experience while I was a student at the University of Colorado introduced me to Mr. Churchill as perhaps the most intelligent individual I have had the fortune to engage in discourse. To lose him as a professor would be a shame. I definitely support his employment as a teacher and overwhelmingly trust his guidance for the future generations of students.

Rich with footnotey goodness

ward churchill is an important voice of dissent. his books are rich with footnotes, endnotes, and references of his source material. the allegations of plagarism are therefore hard to understand. i cannot see how your decision to fire Professor Churchill has any merit. indeed, by blacklisting such an accomplished and important scholar, you are confirming his very statements about the inability of the ruling powerstructure to handle any serious criticism that goes beyond a surface level squabble.
Update: Don't believe I've ever seen "powerstructure" rendered as one word before. Onward toward the Socialist dawn!

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