Sunday, August 19, 2007

MIMitation is the sincerest form of flattery

MOM takes a miment--I mean, MIM takes a moment--to define who is in the proletarian camp:
Give us a choice between Bono hobnobbing with imperialists and a random persyn in the imperialist countries calling himself "Marxist" and we'll take Bono every time, because 95% of so-called Marxists do not know exploitation when they see it. They are instead fans of the white petty-bourgeoisie mistakenly referred to as proletariat.
In an earlier post MIM is a little more specific. The proletarian camp is
the minority that includes MIP-Amerika, the MIP-Kanada, the Ghetto Liberation Political Party, the movement to put the Latin Kings/Queens on the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist road, SLALA Sakai-supporting anarchists and sections of the lumpen-proletariat, oppressed nations and youth. Though Bono is from the capitalist class, he defected enough politically to end up in our camp [wonder if he knows that]. The proletarian camp opposes exploitation. We cannot say the same of fascists or so-called leftists.
When U2 finally folds I've got a great name for Bono's new band: Lumpen. First album: Electric Lumpenland.

Update: MIP!

Update II: Wrong SLALA. Here's the one MIM's talking about.

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