Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lackey mocked

Pirate Ballerina links to Try-Works (God bless 'em), where CU instructor and sociopath-about-town Benjie Whitmer posts a speech he says he intended to deliver at the regents' meeting when they fired Professor Ward Churchill last month. Among other declarations of undying fealty, Benjie promises to teach his American Indian film class in the spirit of his master--not only using Churchill's books and teaching his claptrap radicalism, but giving every student an "A." (Benjie, you'll remember, gives only two-thirds of his students "A's.")

Anyway, Benjie lays it on with a crap scraper (if such a tool exists). The comments at PB dissing both Wart and his li'l pup are much more entertaining.

Update: Just a hunk of "CU Phd Anthro"'s comment on Benjie's master plan:
Must be difficult to teach a class when you lack originality and insight into the material. Any class that is "film" and not in the Art or Theater department, is generally known as an "underwater basketweaving class" (that is one anyone can pass). Bet he gives out 95% or more "A" grades.
Update II: PB might have done this long ago, and it's wonderfully moot now, but I counted up the "good" versus "poor" quality ratings for Ward at Rate My Professor, and got 39 students calling Churchill "poor" to 13 rating him "good," with seven or eight "average"s thrown in.

Update III: By the way, judging from his photo at Rate My Professor, Ward has cut his hair and dumped a ton of weight.

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